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It crashes whenever I try to place the herb tome.

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this is an amazing game to pass the time

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you can speedrun it if you spam spacebar on the door and in the 9th day you trade the heart, get young using the chicks or the orbs and then transform the heart into a ring and give it to the old hag on the 10th day


i think you need a little bit of rng, maybe not, I don't know

correction: you will need to get 1 more chicken and then on day 7 you get a unicorn, if anyone is going to do this please make a better strategy, i think one time I got a unicorn on day 9 or 8


If you dont give them a ring and just close the door you can continue playing


"Well that's a bummer" I already love this game.



this needs a save system, but other than that, it's a really fun game! i absolutely love it

it's a nice game but i keep running into a lot of glitches while playing like the character glitching out of screen and crashing while alchemizing. i think it would benefit from having a save/load system as well, just so that if it does glitch you don't have to start from the beginning.


need a sav

Well this is just about everything I need in a game and more. AND FOR A GAME JAM?

I made a magical tome after the first one without having a quest for it, and the game crashed into a grey screen...

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed the ending. One of them, at least.

THERES AN ENDING!?!?!?!???!!!??